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The House of Atreus

An epic trilogy from Greek mythology

Book One

Clytemnestra's Bind

Forced into marriage with the murderer of her family, Queen Clytemnestra fights to protect the children she bears him.

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Book Two

Helen's Judgement

Haunted by her decision to leave her child behind when she fled her unhappy marriage, Helen tries to build a new life in Troy with her lover, Paris. But her husband pursues her – and he brings an army.

Publishing December 2024.

Book Three

Electra's Fury

Cousins Electra and Hermione yearn for the return of their fathers from the Trojan War, but the homecoming ends in disaster. Can they forgive their mothers – Clytemnestra and Helen – for bringing about the men’s downfall, or is the final destruction of the House of Atreus at hand?

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